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Your preferred Business Culture, Lifestyle and Experience


We desire to be a part of the thread that wove your story throughout your business and life’s journey. Richly harvesting the infinite African heritage and tradition meant to continuously gestate and evolve the African brand.


Dandaro is a Shona word for a playground or a meeting place or as some dialects would have it, the act of socialising.
This of course is our desired interpretation of the word.
Our core objective is to be your company of choice that offers you a personalized experience. Imprinting our expertise
into your thought trail to recreate your ideas into a profitable, practical business.
Dandaro serves to be your preferred Business Culture, Lifestyle and Experience. 



Marketing & Advertising 

Through a combination of tested winning formulas and tools, we deliver the market to your palm. Helping you create the best offering for your business and delivering a competitive value proposition. Giving you the best of today’s lead generation and pipeline management ensuring a steady growth in market share.

• Digital marketing
• Website designing
• Brand design and development
• Social media campaigns and strategy
• AdWords and SEO
• Advertising
• Marketing campaigns and strategies
• Email campaigns 


Business Consultancy

Today business environment is not different from a war zone. In Sun Tzu’s words “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting”
We understand what your business means to you and we value its worth. To adopt your vision and make it our own is our core business.
Our team of Business experts can assist with all spheres of Business Incubation and Management. 


Photo Studio

We boast a fusion of experienced craftsman and state of the art lighting and camera equipment. Our studio caters to all clientele with interest in Photo & Video shoots. We are into visual content creation and can tailor the look of your business according to how you imagine it.


Corporate Branding & Promotional Gifts

We supply all Corporate Wear and Gifts. Custom branding across a variety of items for any kind of promotional use.




Ngoto Premium Craft lager is a beer brewed to represent an immeasurable legacy. An African tale whose heritage is so rich it’s the composition of life itself. A beer whose character of taste depicts a story of kingship and melodies that are the rhythm of a diverse people. NGOTO was birthed from the womb of love as a source of livelihood. To those who carry us on their backs, NGOTO is a gift to you. To those who protect legacies, NGOTO is a beam that lights your path.

Here is to you. Let us share moments together, your dreams, your journey. Ngoto Craft lager belongs to each of us. 


Hdot Fashion Label

About native. urban. Movement
h. pronounced as hdot is Inspired by the Afro-Urban Culture. Hdot is a clothing brand that seeks to identify with the untamed street culture that is not bound by any rules except the unspoken creed.

The apparel line is merely our idea of the clothes that we feel comfortable in and our attempt to express the Afro-urban experience… connecting with Africa, thread by thread…
Hdot is our beacon of hope, a show of pride, a canvas of a history that continues to be written…

native. urban. Movement 



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20 Albertyn Street, Vorna Valley, Midrand

Working Hours

8:00 - 17:00

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